Resolutions passed – World Sikh Conference 2015



World Sikh Conference

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Mississauga , Ontario, Canada

Subject : Can Sikhs save their identity? 


Toronto (Canada) : World Sikh Conference was organised by Singh Sabha International,Canada,on Sunday,November 22, 2015.The following resolutions were passed by Sangat gathered. These resolutions were presented by S.Amarjit Singh Victoria, S.Mandeep Singh Vernon and S.Sukhwinder Singh Winnipeg.

Resolution 1: For the entire Sikh nation only Guru Granth Sahib is supreme.

Singh Sabha International recognizes the supremacy of the one and only Guru Granth Sahib. Besides, it completely rejects any other granth, such as Bachittar Natak also named Dasam Granth, Sarab Loh Granth, Gobind Gita, Sikhan Di Bhagatmaal falsely ascribed to Bhai Mani Singh, Gian Ratnavali, Janam Sakhi Bhai Bala, Sahansarnama, Gurbilas Patshahi Chhevin, Pransangli, etc., the granths about whose authorship no information is available, and makes a strong appeal to all the Gurdwara committees of the world to get the narration of Raj Kavi Bhai Santokh Singh’s Gur Partap Surj Granth discontinued.

Resolution 2: Akal Takhat’s concept and Jathedar.

Guru Granh Sahib Ji is the fulcrum of Sikhi. That is why only Guru Granth Sahib is supreme for the Sikh nation. To call Akal Bunga, which is called Akal Takhat these days, supreme is to lower the respect and prestige of Guru Granth Sahib Ji. According to Sikh history and in view of the Sikh principles the so-called Akal Takhat Jathedar’s position proves to be supposititous. Therefore, today this gathering totally abolishes this anti-Panthic position.

Resolution 3: Deras, Taksalas and Thathan.

To estabsh any sect, to establish a Dera or a Thath, to establish a Taksal or a Sant Samaj is contrary to Sikh philosophy. In Sikhi there is no place for words like so-called Sadh-Sant, Mahanpurakh, Singh Sahib and Brahm-Giani, etc. To use the word ‘Giani’ for scholars will not be a lapse. This gathering of the day roots out these false institutions and supposed positions.

    SS Winnipeg  
    S.Amarjit Singh Victoria (No.1)   S.Mandeep Singh Vernon (No.2)   S.Sukhwinder Singh Winnipeg (No.3)  

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